Thursday, January 2


Dear, sweet friends.
Well...2014 is here.
One more year before Marty McFly comes back to the future.
One more year before my beat-up car is 20 years old.
One more year before ... your turn now.

What will you do in 2014? Where will you go, who will you meet, what will you write, what will you cook?
Will you dye your hair, run a marathon, take a hip-hop class, or simply learn how to relax?
Will you continue to be stuck in that problem, that thing that won't let you go?
Or will 2014 be a year of joy, peace, self-respect?

New years always excite me. I feel nervous and full of possibilities at the same time.
Expand during this new year. Do one new thing. Record what you are thankful for. Smile at strangers.

Here's to 2014, friends. Soak it in!

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