Monday, January 27


Mondays aren't always the worst days/evenings of the week.
Sometimes, they are a surprise, a breath of fresh air.

You find some beautiful fresh flowers at the local grocery store.
Your Pioneer Woman potato soup comes out beautifully ... for the second time.
Netflix finds you the most wonderful movie about a cross-country road trip and what "home" really is.
You eat Ben & Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream out of the container.
You decide to make Pioneer Woman food all week, because she has never led you astray.
You have a fire keeping your apartment warm and a steady supply of logs outside.
You read your Bible and realize how much the Holy Spirit is speaking to you.
And all of this with your sweet fiance and your sweet fiance's dog.

Mondays can be wonderful.

If your Monday wasn't wonderful, that's okay. Nothing sticks around forever. Not even Mondays.

1 comment:

Brenda Asher said...

Sounds like a 'peaceful' Monday at your place. Grateful that Mondays don't always stick around.... :)