Wednesday, February 26

Wedding crunch time

So here is the thing.
If you have asked to hang out with me, or come over, or called me on the phone, you probably have heard this one phrase: "I. Am. So. Busy."

Not that I am trying to avoid you! Obviously.

Between traveling/long hours at work, wedding planning, family, fiance, wedding planning, work, church...

Well, you get it.

There is about a month to go before our wedding. I have now named this "wedding crunch time."

However, I am not worried. Just a lot of little things to finish. A lot, a LOT of little things to finish. In all of this planning and registering and dress shopping, here are some things that I have realized.
  1. The actual wedding ceremony will be over in about 3-4 hours. The rest of our lives is what counts. Not the ring, the cakes, the dress, the favors...our marriage. That is what we should really plan for and pray for.
  2. Pinterest is not real life. Real life is 11 hour work days (yesterday) or traveling for 3 weeks straight. Real life is having friends over for dinner or reading the Bible every night. I would LOVE to have a beautiful, DIY everything, Pinterest inspired wedding ceremony. I would love to have a ladder that displays our perfect drinks or handwritten wedding favors. I would love to have a photo booth and white streamers swinging in between the trees at our (hopefully) outdoors ceremony. But I have real life and that is SO much better. I don't think when God planned marriage, he expected perfection and He definitely did not expect/imagine a "perfect" wedding. Knowing that everything will not be like the internet says it has to be is the biggest relief. Just have fun! Forget Pinterest. Remember what the day is really about and remember your life in the present. Don't covet, don't stress.
  3. Ask for help! I have lovingly named the wonderful people helping us as our "wedding committee." So many people offered to help and we have definitely enjoyed having them in the process. It is also a beautiful way for others to shine and combine the love. It took three ladies to come up with the wedding favors! I love that our wedding is about the community, our friends, and our family.
  4. Your vows matter. You are not gathering in front of your closest people to show off how good you look or how handsome your groom looks in a tux. (Although, I'm pretty excited to see R in a tux.) You are there to commit your lives to God and each other. Your people are your witnesses. (Thanks, Sue, for the reminder!) They will be there to support you and hold you accountable.
  5. Pray, pray, pray. In a little over a month, I will be the wife to the best guy I know. And I know for SURE that I will mess up. I will make him angry, be impatient, complain a lot...and so much more. Fortunately, I know that I can lean on God for help. I can also lean on God to protect my husband and take care of us as a family. 

Whew. One month left.
Y'all ready??

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Alandra said...

Love this! You are wise beyond your years. I love you!