Thursday, May 29

5 Favorites

Mmmm, the end of another week is quickly approaching!
I don't know about you, but some weeks, it seems like all I eat is chocolate cake.
So. That's my confession of the day.

Anyways, here is my newest edition of my favorite 5 things of the week.
Check out these beautiful links, catch a quick breath from your busy schedule, and eat some chocolate cake.
You'll thank me.

  1. New favorite blog - think and speak peace
  2. New favorite way to display beautiful dresses - trendwealth
  3. New favorite pasta recipe - Menu Musings of a Modern America Mom
  4. New favorite photograph style - Lauren Conrad
  5. New favorite garden - One Kings Lane

Also, bonus! Thanks to Salon Envy for always doing a great job on my hair...and for these cool copper highlights! We were going for pink, but mixed with my bleach hair, it came out way rad. Check them out sometime.

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