Tuesday, July 15

The Wall

Well, friends.
We have been married for 3 months now.
3 months that include 1 concussion, 1 homemade coconut cream pie, 2 new paintings, 2 new muffin recipes, and 10,000 new laughs. 

We like to laugh.

Oh, and we have 1 newly decorated wall.
We started collecting things that we love and from people that love and finally organized most of them on our main living room wall. I love it. Maybe it's not like the normal wall galleries that I found on Pinterest, but y'all, it's my favorite wall!

The blue and yellow paintings are from our sweet friends, Alandra & Elise.
The butterfly coasters are from an antique shopping trip during our honeymoon.
The old Russian man we have named Vladmir Boris Mikhail.
The African couple is supposed to represent getting through any kinds of storms together.
Etc, etc.

The home decorating continues! I'll keep you up to date.

Enjoy, friends. Have a wonderful week.

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