Monday, August 18

Mini photo session fundraiser

Y'all, remember my sweet dear beautiful friends Garrett & Kenzie and their exciting adoption announcement?

They have been getting ready for Baby and I have loved seeing their journey!

We have a fundraiser coming up that I am so excited to announce. If you have been wanting couple, family, pet, or any kind of pictures - this is for you!

I will be at a local park in the city taking mini photo sessions on Saturday, September 20, for 30 minutes each. The cost is $50 and will completely support Garrett's and Kenzie's adoption. We will give you 10 edited images! 

This is the perfect chance if you only have a few minutes to squeeze in a photo session or if you have been putting family pictures off.

There will be a different editor than me, so the pictures will have a different flavor. I am so excited to work with someone who cares about Garrett and Kenzie so much.

Please leave a message or email me at to sign up for a session or if you have more questions. We would love to see you there!

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