Sunday, October 19

The Purge

Okay, this post is NOT about those awful, scary, violent, awful, gory, awful movies about killing people to purge out your anger.

Awful. Not mah thang at all.

This post is about my wardrobe.

My unnecessarily large, cluttered, crazy, sometimes ill-fitting wardrobe.

(What a first world problem, amirite?)

It is so crazy how shopping can be therapeutic. The minute I see a sale and something I might remotely wear, I go for it.

No more!

I have started reading about the 5 Piece French Wardrobe. You have your basics: tops, bottoms, jackets, shoes, accessories. Very minimalist.

And then every Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter, you buy 5 more pieces. These are quality pieces, not quantity pieces. These are pieces that you can plan for, budget for, search for.

What do y'all think about this? I am glad to find a way to discipline my spending/wardrobe/etc.

Is this practical? Silly? Sensible? All of the above?

How do you keep your wardrobe lean and not full of junk?

Thoughts appreciated. Thanks, y'all.

Monday, letsgo!


Jill said...

That is, more or less, exactly how I manage my wardrobe.

Brenda Asher said...

It is a good rule of thumb. You always keep the basic pieces and then add to them. I tend to buy pieces that do not always fit well. Or I really like it now, but not later. The classics are always the best. The better quality the longer they will last - style-wise and upkeep wise.