Sunday, October 26

"You smell like an adventure"

I am not great with words.
There are few times that R hears me say something extremely eloquent. One time was because I was quoting a country song. The rest of the time is because he mishears me.

This weekend, he thought I said "you smell like an adventure."
Now, in a completely different universe, I would have definitely said it.
In this universe, I think I said something like "please pass the butter." Or probably: "do you want the last cupcake?"

We decided to get away from the city and go on an adventure all the same.
There is a wildlife refuge right by the house, so we went walking/hiking/laughing/tree hugging.
I hope you had a joyful weekend with friends, family, fresh air, chocolate.

There's something amazing about getting outside with the trees and breathing.
Don't forget to breathe this week, friends.

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