Thursday, November 13

Let's be women

Girls, this is to you.
Tonight I'm saying: let's just be women. Plain and simple.
Being a modern woman is kinda hard.
There are beauty tutorials, Pinterest fashions, 30 crockpot recipes for the busy woman, 25 ways to look younger and 100 ways to clean your house in under 45 minutes.

At work, I can't stop thinking about the bed I didn't make or if I turned off the curling iron.
At home, I keep thinking about moving an image 5 pixels over or the french fries I ate instead of the salad I packed for lunch.

It can be exhausting.
It doesn't have to be though!

Why do we do this to ourselves? Comparing, judging, gossiping, discriminating, suffering.
Here are things we can do: Laugh, smile, eat cake, eat apples, be ourselves, wear skirts, wear flannel.

Hello, I am a woman.
My favorite color is pink, my hair is partially too.
I am an electrical engineer and my favorite class was Differential Equations.
I love Taylor Swift's music.
There are many antiques in our home from the local thrift stores.
I am a photographer.
I work in the oil field.
I can't stop watching cooking shows.
I worship God.
I love food like a lot.

Here are some blogs I have started reading to refresh myself in God and who I really am as a woman.
I am not weak, I am strong in Him. I am not dramatic, I am alive in His promises.

So if you have time this weekend, check these out for me.
  1. #SheReadsTruth - This is a daily Bible study on different topics including Hospitality and Hymns. With beautiful pictures! And honest words.
  2. Time-Warp Wife - For all my married girls. Right now, we are in the middle of a 15-day challenge to show our husbands how grateful we are for them.
  3. Styled With Strength - A beautiful blog celebrating being a woman, chocolate, and living in Christ. And more chocolate.
I love y'all. Let's bust on through to the weekend! 
Enjoy, friends.

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