Thursday, December 4


Today was a good day.

Today, I wore this makeup.

(Thank you, Jess, for the most amazing lip balm ever. Ever.)

Today, I wore a cape.

(Thank you, Nanny Becky, for the matching cape. It is absolutely beautiful.)

Today, I changed into a homemade apron to cook dinner.

(Thank you, Jamie. I love this apron and it matched me today!)

Today,  I drank my most favorite root beer out of these beautiful glasses.

(Thank you, Uncle Mike, Aunt Pat, Anne, & Ellen for these gorgeous glasses.)

Today, I drank some delicious raspberry and strawberry tea.

(Thank you, Velma & Lisa, for the wonderful tea.)

The blessings from all of you, my dear family & friends, are everywhere!
Today was a good day because of the good you've placed in my life.
Thank you for the prayers, love, jokes, and more love.
Thanks for making my day really, truly lovely.

We made it to Friday!

Happy almost weekend, friends. I love y'all.

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