Monday, December 22


Oh, goodness. If you are reading this, you are a dear.
I'm so sorry for the lack of writing.
If I'm not sneaking naps on the couch, I'm sneaking naps in the bed. I've been so tired!

This is our first Christmas married.
Last Christmas was very sweet: a warm fireplace at my apartment, vintage peacock earrings, and apple cider.

This Christmas, I was determined to start new traditions.
We were going to have new stockings (sewn by me), a beautiful wreath on the door (made by me), a garland over the back french doors (designed by me), a cute chalkboard sign (made by me), a plethora of cookies and treats (baked by me).
Soft, folky Christmas music was going to be constantly played in our home and we would never stop smiling or drinking egg nog.

You get the idea.

This Christmas: part of our Christmas lights on the tree burned out, I never made the stockings, we wrapped our Christmas presents 1 day before handing them to each other, and we are beyond exhausted.

But guess what?

We spent a Sunday evening on the OKC canal with lifelong friends looking at Christmas lights.
A dear friend came over this weekend and we talked and cried and laughed for hours.
We spent wonderful time with family over the past month with a combination of birthdays and Christmas.
And the good times aren't even over yet!

So, now I'm getting the idea.

I am done trying to force my perfect traditions onto our small family.
I've found the one tradition that we can keep year after year after year.
We just gotta love.
That's it! That's what this is all about.

I'm so happy for the time spent with friends more than the apple cake that I broke right before the party.
I'm so grateful that I have a healthy husband to fall asleep next to at night.
I'm so excited to see more family over the next few weeks and play a lot, a lot of cards.

So the new Duncan tradition: loving people. The rest will fall into place. It always does, somehow.

Merry Christmas, friends, if I don't see you before then.
Love y'all.

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