Wednesday, January 21

5 Favorites: Home Decor

My love for nesting comes in spurts.
Some days, I can barely get the laundry folded and other days I'm spray painting like crazy.
You know?

Every so often, I need a little inspiration and I found these lovely 5 ideas!

I definitely will try at least one, if not all of them. Let me know which is your favorite and if you are going to use these ideas. I would love to know your nesting habits, too.

Happy hump day, friends! Enjoy.

  1. It Is Well With My Soul gold letters - Going Home to Roost
  2. Baby's Breath wreath - Oh, Joy!
  3. Breathtaking gold pillows - Caitlin Wilson
  4. Beautiful wood, copper, white & black kitchen - The Design Files
  5. Hat gallery walls - a pair & a spare

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