Sunday, January 11

Christmas 2014!

I feel like I'm going backwards with my blogging!
First New Years, then Christmas. Obviously.

We had the best vacation with family, the mountains, and lots of good food.

We visited R's family to celebrate Christmas, his grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary, and then his birthday!
He's 25. Ha. Just kidding. 26.

Ha. Nope.

Then.... we saw the Colorado mountains and snow!
My heart pretty much stopped from the moment we arrived to the moment we left. It sounds dangerous, but don't worry. I made it.
There were mountains and tall, tall trees and snow and more snow and the air was so crisp and we were layered up in every layer and it was magical.

We found the perfect coffee shop, place to get a buffalo burger, place to get a pizza, place to get a henna tattoo, place to buy candy... but mostly, we found the mountains.

Here a few pictures from our trip!
Also, notice the R + Buddy ornaments below. How adorable are these?? I can't get over them!

I hope your holiday was beautiful, amazing, and full of light.

Now excuse me as I try and work off my Christmas weight gain.
Love y'all.

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