Tuesday, January 20

Flannel, hair cuts, & vegetarian chili

Today was a perfect Oklahoma day. The kind of days with warm sunshine & 60 degree weather.

A day with flannel shirts & skinny jeans.

Also, a day with a rad hair change.

Earlier last year, I met my wonderful hair dresser. Jaclynn has given me pink hair, new bangs, & shortish hair. She is amazing! She even put a little strip of pink in my niece's hair to match mine.

So when I found this picture on Pinterest & showed it to her, she said "Oh, no problem!"

I'm sure she was thinking: "Your crazy bird nest hair will look so bad like this, but yes, okay, whatever you want."

Somehow in the midst of talking boyfriends, husbands, Crossfit, & running this happened. Literally, 5 pounds of hair fell to the floor. Or something.


Tonight was just as lovely with this vegetarian chili recipe that I found (recipe here). We piled it high on top of rice and had a hearty, healthy meal. You know when the whole cutting board is full of fresh veggies that it will be a perfect dinner!

Today was truly a perfect Oklahoma day. I hope you found some joys, friends. I definitely believe that it is the small things like a new hair cut or delicious dinner that make a day great. Find those things. Celebrate those things. 

I hope you have a flannel, hair cuts, & veggie chili day sometime soon.

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