Wednesday, January 14

"It's okay to cry"

The other day I was hanging out with my sister-in-law and their 3 goofy kids.

We were just talking. You know. Girl talk, work talk, home talk.
We stepped outside to talk more heart to heart without the small ones listening. About the difficult situations in our lives that twist our hearts until we are completely broken.

She asked how I dealt with a particular issue, a particular heartbreak. I told her some of my own silly ways and finally I said, "but you know, it's okay to cry."

In my short lifetime, I'm realizing that crying is okay. In fact, crying does not equate to weakness, but being weak is okay too.

I think of all the times in the Psalms that David cried out from the most raw parts of his heart. He needed God and crying was a way to show it.

When I am weak, that is when I see God really shining through. When I am on my knees with a broken heart, He holds me until the tears stop. Sometimes I imagine that if He was in the flesh with me right now, there would be a hot tea in my hands and a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the coffee table. He is the Great Comforter.

I mean, Jesus cried. Several times, I'm sure. He had those same emotions and pains. How beautiful is it that He gets us? He gets my tears, He gets my heart.

I don't know what your week is looking like, friends. Some of us are going through hard times, great times, peaceful times...who knows! But I do know that if you get hit hard with something, you don't have to pretend to be something that you're not.

Go ahead and cry. Know that He sees and hears you. He wants your joys, but He also wants your pains. Be weak in His presence and He will lift you up.

He always does.

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