Friday, January 23

On a Friday

Today was a day to let the sun in, visit all the small shops nearby, and make mocha brownies.

I hope that you are able to be creative this weekend. Bake something, send a note to someone special, decorate with fresh flowers.

I know that this week was probably hard. There were bills, car issues, and sickness. Maybe you felt like your home was always in chaos or you were drifting from God.

Sometimes, we got so caught up in our everyday lists that we forget to have some fun. Relax. Dance in the kitchen. Eat a lot of junk food. Paint something. Rearrange your living room. Light all of your candles. Enjoy your weekend for what it is: a break from the norm, a time to recharge.

Use the next 2 days to breathe and get refreshed! You got this.

So let's be creative this weekend:

  1. Mocha Brownies - Pioneer Woman
  2. Mason jar hanging lamps - Joyzz
  3. London Fog Tea Latte - Gimme Some Oven

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