Monday, January 19

Running man

I have a problem.
Kinda a big one.

A problem in the form of my husband being an amazing runner and I having a love of sitting on the couch for hours on end, eating chips.

But enough about me.

R ran his second (count it: second!) marathon over the weekend. Because he is a crazy man. But he crushed it! I am so proud of him!

I wish I had taken more pictures of him. But really, they are all of him running. Because it was a race. Also, we had this system of switching out his water bottles, so I was too busy to take a lot of pictures!
Whew. Felt like I ran a marathon.

Just kidding.

He trained for 18 weeks for this race and I am so, so proud. It took incredible determination & commitment.

I am so grateful that the weather was perfect that day! Warm, a little breezy, beautiful skies.

I tried to follow him around at the different water stops to cheer him on and get him more water and energy gels. Let's just say I know Wichita Falls pretty well now. I can tell you the best parks, where the Sonic is, where the potholes are that you may accidentally run into while trying to find the next park. Oops.

 Thank you to everyone who prayed and wished him well! I think he was surprised by all the support and love. And thank you to everyone who called and texted me during the race. I didn't feel so alone in a different city!

If anyone needs some inspiration to start running, or a new hobby, or to follow any dream, I hope this is it! R always found time to train, even with a crazy work schedule and an even crazier wife. Never let yourself get in your own way. And of course, never give up!

Happy Monday, friends. I hope this is a good, blessed week.

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grandma and grandma said...

An amazing husband with an amazing wife!! From grandpa and grandma Duncan