Monday, January 26

When the oceans rise

Mondays can be tough. Super tough.
How did the weekend go so fast?
R and I tried to hold on to our weekend as hard as we could, but here we are.

Don't let today get you down. No matter what. Find the little bit of joy wherever you can.

I just heard a bird sing and it sounded amazing! The birds are back from the winter, and if that is the only joy all day I'll take it. Also, I have been drinking a lot of coffee. Second joy. Oh, and I am very warm in some very fun yoga pants. Third joy.

If you have a second on this crazy day, listen to this beautiful song by Hillsong UNITED: Still.
Cannot get it out of my head!

I will be starting a new series called "Confused Housewife" tomorrow. Because, I mean, I lost my housewife manual somewhere. I dunno. If you see it, please let me know.

Here's to an amazing week. Love y'all.

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