Wednesday, February 25

Confused Housewife: Time

Once, I saw a poster that said something like: "Beyonce has as many hours in a day as you do. What is your excuse?"

At first, I was all fired up. Yeah! I could wake up at 4 am and go to bed at midnight, writing magical songs & dancing instead of walking.

Then I realized that I am a very human-y human and it seems like I have no time for anything.
Most days are a struggle as I decide between washing my hair, reading my Bible, or sweeping the floor. Watching YouTube usually wins out.

This is has been a learning point in our marriage. I am a wife now. I have different priorities in my life now. I cannot only eat popcorn for every meal now.

And most importantly: I don't have all the time in the world anymore now. Please hear me out that this doesn't bother me. I am so so happy to have another person in my life. But I have another person to care for now. The laundry doubled, the dishes doubled, the cleaning doubled. (And of course, R helps out all he can.)

I don't know what your method is for keeping focused and managing your time. Some days are easier than others. But here is what I have found out ... so far:

  1. Write a list - I will have errands and chores in my mind and somehow 9 pm will roll around with nothing done. However, if I write everything down, I remember them better. And checking items off of the list makes me feel accomplished! I really do not like having a list with everything undone at the end of the day.
  2. Do one major thing a day - I understand that I cannot do everything in one day. So I break it up. On Monday, I go grocery shopping. On Tuesday, I clean the bathroom. On Wednesday, I sew a little. The extra time is always filled in with unexpected situations and the usual cleaning and cooking. Don't push yourself to finish everything in one day.
  3. Beware of distractions - Y'all, I have a new found love in watching Master Chef Junior on Hulu. It is so dangerous because I can start watching and watching ... and it is time for dinner. Where did the day go? Of course it is important to rest, but I get in the habit of resting too much. Now, if I am going to watch some YouTube or Hulu, I will also fold laundry or do chores during the commercials. Two birds, one stone!
  4. YOLO - You know this one, right? You only live once. So forget the other 3 points above and just relax. You won't get it right all the time. Your time will be stretched thin or you will watch Chopped all day long. And it is okay. Remember that what matters most is the time you spend with people. Don't put chores and being busy in front of relationships. Definitely don't put them in front of taking care of yourself. You don't know what will happen tomorrow so enjoy today. Breathe intentionally, laugh a lot, tell people you love them.
I want to know what your time management tips are! Has anyone figured it all out?

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