Monday, April 27

Confused Housewife: Social Media

What a rainy, grey day here!
Fortunately, my day has been uplifted by a girls' brunch + plenty of coffee + the promise of a pretzel from my sweet husband. (Apparently, food is what makes me truly happy.)

For days in like these, I get on social media probably a little more than I should. Because obviously, someone needs to be posting new things on Facebook every 5 minutes.

Here are some of my favorite social media accounts & apps as a confused housewife.*
*Obviously, you do not have to be confused or a housewife or a wife or live in a house to enjoy these.

1. Women in Real Life Instagram Account - I know that my Instagram is full of perfectly situated situations with perfect filters and lighting that make up like 0.5% of my actual life. Actually, my house is messy and smells like bacon and not so perfectly situated. So this Instagram account is the real life of women. Spilled coffee, mismatched shoes, screaming children - no filters necessary! It is always fun to look over this account and identify with the women.

2. Cartwheel by Target - Love Target? Love coupons? Love pretty apps? Then this is the app for you! Just choose which coupons you want to use and they will scan your phone when you check out. You can add other coupons on top of these and use your Target REDcard to get another 5% off. Genius.

3. Today's Marriage Prayer - A daily prayer for your marriage from the blog author of Time-Warp Wife. Because you can never pray for your marriage enough. Or others' marriages. My opinion, I guess.

Do you have any helpful social media accounts or apps to help you through the day? 
Oh, social media. How I love and loathe you sometimes.

Happy end of Monday, friends!

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