Monday, April 13

Five Favorites: Pinterest

Oh, Pinterest. My friend and also sometimes my anti-friend.
Right now, it is my friend. My dear, dear friend with yummy recipes and pretty dresses.
Also, I need a little inspiration kick in the pants every so often.
You know?

So here are my five favorite new Pinterest finds.
What do you think? Which one is your favorite?

1. Ice Cream Cone Cake - because there is nothing not good about this adorable, smiling cake.

hello naomi
2. Geoprism Skirt - because all these colors will brighten any day!

3. Chocolate Velvet Cake - because this has cocoa & espresso in it so of course make it immediately

add a pinch
4. DIY Hammock Stand - because I'm sure that the doctor ordered less stress + more fresh air!

My Indecisive Life
5. Homemade Gold Manicure - because sometimes, some people just need more glitter in their lives.

Being Genevieve

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