Sunday, April 19

Loving is hard

I know that my Jesus loved hard. He loved everyone hard. He loved me hard, and let me tell you, that is the hardest of all.

And I know that He told me to love hard also. To love everyone hard also.

Let me tell you what I do.

1. I judge.
2. I assume.
3. I scoff.
4. I down-play.
5. I don't love.

This has been a tough lesson for me.
Why can't I just love people who look like me & dress like me & make the same jokes that I do? Why do I have to extend my arms like He did?

And then I realize that if He could reach out to me and forgive me and bless me (me, a sinner of the worst kind) then I could try to show that for everyone. For some, their only path to Jesus is through a little glimmer that I can show. I don't glimmer well, but I can try.

And loving can be small sometimes! Just stop for 5 minutes to really listen to someone's story. $5 to someone who may need it more than you. Ignoring social norms and labels. Forgiving a spouse's words instead of lashing out.

This week, I'm going to work on loving. I am praying for God to break boundaries, stretch me, push me. (Who am I kidding, that is terrifying.)

All I know is that Jesus did it. He saw beneath skin surface. He did not care about His reputation. He is my example and I want to follow Him.

How do you make loving easier? What is your take on the Scripture below?

Here's to a beautiful week, friends!

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