Friday, April 3

One Year Married!

Pure joy!

This picture was taken a year ago.
I don't even understand how that is possible!

We still have our vows in our bedroom as a constant reminder of what we promised each other

It was one of the most insane days of my life.
I felt like I was playing dress-up...with the dress and flowers and R in a tux with a pink tie.
Little did I know that my sweet groom was sick and just toughing it out. He also was in the middle of his busiest season and had to work the day before our wedding.
But still, it was such a lovely lovely time.

Super chill day, or at least trying to act like it...
Thank you so so so much for all of the help during this day. We are indebted to so many beautiful people that reached out and saved us from a potentially stressful day. The food was delicious, the music was on point, the decorations were gorgeous, the ceremony was perfect, the pictures were beautiful ... everything was perfect!!!

We were old-fashioned and didn't see each other before the ceremony. Only prayed together.
That day, our marriage started. And that day, we got into our first married fight. During the reception. Because he surprised me with something and I wasn't prepared.
I think that it typical R + M. That's what so many of our fights are about.
He is spontaneous and I want to be in control. I want a plan. He wants adventures.
I guess that's why we go together so well! He balances me out so well.

This is really who we are: goofy messes with open tuxes and falling dresses.
They say the first year of marriage is the hardest. I don't know if that is true, but we have had a blast this year. There have been several nights where I thought I was going to be stubborn and sleep on the couch. I'm glad I have a husband who made sure I didn't sleep there for the whole night.

Look at how gorgeous our cake was! Major thanks to Nanny Becky!
I think the most important thing we have learned in this one year is that life is short. It is super short.
Our arguments have become a lot shorter and they have to matter a whole lot if we're going to go there.
I am not saying that everything is rosy and perfect. Obviously, it can't be all the time.
But when we realized that we weren't promised tomorrow, priorities fell into place
We learned to compromise a little. Even just a little helps.
We learned that picking up dirty laundry really isn't that bad.
We learned that being in control doesn't help anyone. (Okay, this was my realization.)

This guy.
Today, I had the chance to listen to R play guitar and sing.
We ate delicious New Mexican food with some very dear people to us.
Tonight, we had burgers and are watching the Thunder play basketball.
Maybe I'll get around to doing more laundry. Maybe we'll play with Buddy some.

But whatever happens, I cannot complain! This married life is great.

The Chinese dress that some of my sweet family gave me!

I know we are just starting our marriage journey, but I am having the time of my life. Life is short, relationships are crucial, love is everything.

Here's to many, many more years, sweet R! This past year has been amazing.
Friends, please pray for us and we continue to grow and change and laugh and bicker.
We love you all.

Pink ties all day, every day!

We did it!

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D Crowe said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you!! The 5th day is the best day of the month to get married!! (It's super lucky! 19 yrs. on 10/5) We wish an amazing 2nd year together, full of blessings, memories, and lessons learned. Much love from the Crowe's Nest!!