Monday, June 22

Dear Baby growing inside of me...

Dear sweet one,

You are getting so big already! We have spent 3 months together and I just can't believe it. You have stretched out my belly and heart so, so much. We love you and talk to you all the time. Just wait until you can hear us! Your daddy has promised to play guitar and sing to you my favorite song that he does: "Simple Man." (He is doing it right now, baby.)

One day, when you grow up big and strong, I hope you will be a simple man. Or find a simple man to love. :-) I hope you won't let this world weigh you down with its complexities. Just love a lot and smile a lot and don't worry and eat ice cream.

What is it like inside of my belly? Do you have a lot of room to stretch out? You must be very hungry because sometimes I am very hungry! Speaking of food ... could you do me a favor? Your daddy loves Mexican food and apparently you do not love Mexican food. If you could do me a solid maybe we could eat some enchiladas or chimichangas again ... what do you think? I am happy that we are eating so much rice and fruit and Chinese food. You are truly your mama's baby. But your daddy needs Mexican food, please. Or anything with meat.

We can't wait to teach you about Jesus. I hope you will love Him like we do. He already loves you! How crazy is that? We talk to Him about you all the time. About your health and strength and heart. I hope so dearly that you find Him one day. We have been taking you to worship services already. Every time we are there you get hungry. So maybe you could just enjoy the singing and not think about the food.

Well, baby, Mama is absolutely exhausted. We did laundry, dinner, dishes, worked 8 hours, and went on a long walk! What were we thinking? We will sleep so well tonight.

I will write you more letters later. I can't wait to meet you.

Your daddy and I love you like crazy. Don't ever forget it.


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