Thursday, June 18

Life, lately

I wish I had a beautiful post full of beautiful pictures and beautiful stories for you, dear friends.
I can't even remember the last time I posted!
Life changes so quickly.
New jobs, new food preferences, new puppy (for 3 days).
Same coffee shop, same endless stream of laundry, same struggle with Mondays.

The biggest constant is the grace and beauty of the Lord.
Today, we realized that the quiet moments in between the loud moments sometime mean the most.
We laid in bed for 5 extra minutes to breathe in that morning air.
We sat at the table before dinner ever started, still in work clothes and muddy boots, to talk about everything and nothing.
We ate dessert together, two different desserts, but at least together.

We realized how easily distractions creep (or burst) into our already distracted lives.
We realized that distractions mean less time with God and less time with each other.
Less time to deepen our relationship, which will always need deepening.

So... life, lately, has been lovely. We always need a reminder to slow it down and enjoy each other more.
Through the business, we remember to be not so busy. To remove the distractions and focus on the important.

Here's to an amazing, simple weekend with my amazing husband and silly dog. Here's to drinking strawberry lemonade and wearing sundresses. Here's to sitting so tightly together on the couch to laugh about commercials.

Here's to life lately.

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