Saturday, July 25

Reveal: Zeth + Jessica + Baby!

When your dear friend from college and his wife ask for pictures, you think "oh these must be 1 year anniversary photos."

And when he shows up to the shoot wearing a hoodie in July, you think nothing of it.

And when she says: "Aren't you hot in that?" you think nothing of it.

And when he takes off his hoodie to reveal a shirt and a baby and a growing family, you scream and hug them and scream and laugh.

To the sweetest couple who was married a month after us and now is having a baby due 3 weeks after us - the most congratulations to you!

Baby M will be spoiled rotten and loved to the moon and back and absolutely lovely.

Thank you for sharing this special moment with me. I love y'all.

Enjoy, friends.

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