Thursday, October 8

As summer ends

Summer is ending, but our garden is still going strong.
I am loving this combination of cooler weather and colorful flowers!

When we painted our shutters and front door bright blue, we knew we needed lots of other colors to make the house really pop!

Fortunately, I have a landscaping husband and a flower wise friend so our garden quickly exploded.

Also, how cool is that yellow tire planter? One of R's friends recycles old tires so he scooped one up & painted it yellow for me. And I filled it up with all the vines I could find. I'm in love with it!

I will miss our sweet, too pink garden when the frost comes, but I am loving it right now. And I can't wait for next Spring to make the outside of our cottage even more...cottage-y.

But now it is time for apple candles, pumpkin everything, and for summer to end. So even though the outside of our home is still in Summer mode, the inside is slowly becoming Autumn.

See ya later, Summer. It's been fun.

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