Saturday, October 3

Three months left...

Dear Baby Boy,

I can't decide if I am hungry, tired, need to use the restroom (again!), in pain, or just uncomfortable.
This pregnancy business is hard and definitely not glamorous.

But it is amazing, miraculous, and I am so grateful for this chance to carry you!

You have been moving so much lately! This morning, you woke me up by shaking my whole belly and it is my new favorite feeling. You must have been craving the cinnamon rolls I was dreaming about.

We are finally getting your nursery ready. Mountains on the wall, stars on a garland, trees on the curtains, feathers on your mobile. I hope you like nature like we do. I hope you play outside, have the largest imagination, and always want to watch the stars.

Do you like doing yoga with mama? I wonder if it puts you to sleep. It has become more and more gentle and simple, but I need it so much! Maybe once you are born, we can do yoga together. Or you just sleep and I do yoga.

You had tofu and bok choy for the first time last night. Mmmm, what did you think? We are going to have them again tonight, so I hope you like them. You also love apples right now! Apple cider, apple muffins, apple pie...I don't mind so much either. Ha!

Thank you for a wonderful past 6 months. Through all of the sickness, headaches, & sleepless nights, we have had the best time getting to know you. We cannot wait to hold you in three months.

Okay, baby boy. Let's finish strong.

I love you,

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